Thursday, January 15, 2004

Burning Man Peoples

I'm completely changing the topic of this post--if this one was previously your favorite post by me, please feel free to kick me in the nuts next time you see me.

If you're new to this (and I hope you are), here's a bit of an explanation:

I really like to write, but I've always had a short attention span. This means that much of my life has been spent writing the beginnings of things and then losing interest--and then, given my lifestyle, losing what I'd written completely. Until recently, stories were something you told when you were in jail, or waiting for a bus, or (have mercy) attempting to impress a woman. Enter The Moth. And enter the blog.

The first showed me that people still want to hear stories, and the second allowed me to write things in installments (which keeps me from losing interest, since each piece is complete in and of itself) and absorb comments and encouragement on a nearly daily basis.

So what you're (hopefully) about to read is my first serious attempt at writing in about 10 years. Apologies if it's a little awkward at first--bear in mind that a) this is literally first draft stuff, and b) that I'm painfully, debilitatingly shy, and even typing something for a blog was initially enough to make my brain skitter around in my head like a rat on acid.

If you like what you read, please don't be afraid to post comments. The majority of the Burning Man story doesn't have comments because I didn't have comments enabled when it was written--but I'm a freakin' Burner, and I want to know what works and what doesn't. What you think is right, and what you think I'm off target with.

Thanks for reading.


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