Friday, February 06, 2004

Saw this one coming.

Lennox Lewis has retired.

I don't like this--I wasn't a HUGE Lewis fan, but I don't think he ever got the respect he deserved as a boxer. Plus, this means we'll have to sit through another Tyson comeback and probably another Evander Holyfield plodder. There's also no one that's really come to the forefront of the heavyweight division, either, which means we'll have a bunch of fairly sub-par but evenly matched fights on pay per view for the next few years. I like the Klitschkoes, yes, but other than that, who is there? Corrie Sanders? Who the fuck is that?

Now that Lewis is out of the way, though, there's a chance that Roy Jones will make a run at consolidating his heavyweight belts, if he's got enough fights left in him. If I remember right, he gave up the one he got from Ruiz to fight back down in light heavyweight, so he'll have to fight at least 3 fights to do what no-one's ever done. And I don't know that he can do that. He's getting up there in years, too.


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