Saturday, August 28, 2004

What's Next?

I'm going to try and space out some stuff for you to read over the next couple of weeks, since I most likely won't be posting anything on here, and I want to keep you in the habit of coming back. What I'll be doing is posting bits of a LONG email sent to me by my friend Satirius, describing his BM 2002 experience. There's a lot of stuff in those emails that will mean nothing to you, and might just get him in trouble, so they'll be short--no more than a couple of paragraphs at max. But he's a hell of a writer, much better than me, so I'm glad he's given me permission to cut-and-paste his own work onto my own blog. This I might not do if I had any confidence he was ever going to do anything with his OWN blog, but hey, we've all got different priorities. I'll bring you the highly refined sense of horror that is the man behind Satirius, even if it kills him to do it.


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