Friday, November 13, 2009

Description of Cute Behavior

I'm in bed with the laptop, avoiding Stupid Roommate. The kids brush teeth and the elder, Freddie, comes and does normal hugs/wrestling with me (he's too adult, at six, for man-on-man kisses, which is kinda funny). During the good night stuff, this sort of thing begins:

"Hey, where's Eddie the Younger? Isn't he coming for hugs and kisses?"

Starting at the foot of the bed, moving stealthily clockwise, the rustle rustle rustle of jammies on low-nap carpet.

"Man, Freddie, is that a cat I hear down there?"

No rustling.

"I guess you should go find your brother. I wonder where he is..."

Excited, muffled breathing from approximately the same spot where the rustling stopped.

"Man, I guess I should go brush my teeth, but first I'm going to look in my closet for the clothes I want to wear tomorrow."

A second's thought, then hurried rustling counterclockwise away from where I'll be putting my foot. A tuft of reddish blonde hair appears between my feet, beyond the foot of the bed.

"Wow, I wonder where Eddie is?"

SILENCE. Then the sound of a finger being drawn across a half-snotty nose.

"Well, heck, I guess I'll just call it a night. Sure wish I coulda..."

Suddenly, a small boy in lizard jammies flops onto the bed, scrabbling frantically up to rub his mucus on my chin.

It's bed time. Man, I love this life.


At 10:54 AM , Blogger LB said...

You are so in love with the whole family. I love it.

At 9:29 PM , Blogger Gavagirl said...

So sweet! :-)

At 12:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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