Thursday, July 08, 2004

Goodbye, Not Farewell

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As you know, I've been really busy of late, as work slowly takes its toll of my ability to form coherent sentences and (more importantly) stick them together to make a concise narrative. I've thought about it a lot recently, and I've decided that I'd rather just turn it off than try to half-ass something together to keep you coming back til I get some free time.

Consequently, I'm going to quit posting on this blog, and this blog only, until September 18th of this year. There will be something here very occasionally, basically just to ensure that Blogger doesn't remove the thing.

Seeing In The Dark is another kettle of fish entirely. The stuff over there doesn't really take as much effort to write, so I'll still be posting there quite frequently. It'll probably grow more Burning Man-centric as the event approaches, but there'll be other stuff as well.

So, thanks for reading, and hopefully you'll come back for more in September.



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