Friday, February 11, 2005


Let me tell you about a little moral tug of war that I've been having with myself recently:

After getting 3 posts into Aides to the Ex President, I realized that my time frame was all fucked up. Not sure why, other than it happened 13 years ago and I'm an idiot, but since we only spent 2 days in Dallas, and the Dallas/Washington game was on a Sunday, then we must have spent SATURDAY night tripping, not Friday.

Thus, this story is about a third shorter than you were probably thinking it would be, which will most likely be a relief.

But the quandary in which I found myself is this: do I confess the error, or do I go back and edit the original post, and play dumb?

Obviously, the former, but a little more info: First, it would be duplicitous, and while I'm perfectly capable of being duplicitous, it's generally for a lot better reason than to hide a stupid error I've made. Second, this is an acid story, and that puts me in mind of a lot of the elaborate paranoid schemes my mind thinks up during those times. I know it wouldn't be the same to you, but still, it's mean. Third, I realized that I've been putting off writing another part of the story because of indecision about what to do, so it doesn't matter that much more anyway.

So, problem solved. If I stay in tonight, I'll endeavor to write another post. I'll have to do some thinking about it, because with Jim asleep, there's not a whole lot more action til the following morning, other than a lot of really heavy thinking and a few televised movies. Which is generally what happens when you take acid alone, come to think of it, if you're fortunate enough to have a television with cable.


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