Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Burning Man 22: The Rest of the Week

No, I'm not trying to hurry it along. I just don't remember much about the rest of the week, and I'm not really sure just what events take place when. I've decided to tell all of the stories without too much reference to time/date things, and I promise you won't care a bit.

By the end of the week, things had recovered somewhat. The Psychedelic Windmill was back up, sporadically, which was cheering, and a lot of the big clubs that weren't completely destroyed were doing a booming business.

The thing I like about BM clubs is that there's no money involved. You go in, you dance (or whatever you do in clubs), you get tired, you leave. No standing in line to get a drink from the bar. No cover charges, no ID required. And everyone's cool. I think you've got to really love it to work in Disorient or Amazing Larry's or Space Cowboys...because there's no money. And where there's no money, well, people are doing things for only the right reasons.

There's a large segment of people that HATE big clubs and loud music. There's a lot to hate about that, I agree. However, I happen to like the music, dammit, and I listen to it loud, even at home, so I've got no problems with sleeping through a night full of shitty trance. The people, well, the people are another matter. They're like any other bunch of rave kids/clubbers anywhere-they get focused on their night, and forget that other people have to live around them.

By people, I mean the party-goers. As a general rule, people who sign on to big stuff (like building a 2 story tall rubber duck) have their acts together, especially if they're in any position of responsibility. But all the guys I've met from bigger camps (especially that fucker from two doors down in 2002) are friendly and helpful. Or at least friendly. Sometimes too friendly, but that's neither here nor there. Good peeps tend to gravitate to the Burn.

So, in no particular order, I'll post a series of short stories about specific events and/or camps we discovered before Friday night. And just to keep you interested, I'll leak that on Friday night there was a big, freezing rainstorm that pretty well destroyed the rest of our camp.

Leak, get it?


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