Friday, February 13, 2004


You know, this job is doing its best to take away everything I love about life. First, it was the smell of fresh cut grass. Then, it was dogs (don't get me started), followed quickly by snow, rain, and lightning. Now, my schedule is such that Friday is the first day I have to get up and go salt puddles. I don't dread Friday yet, but I'm in a race, it seems, with springtime.

I was so sleepy this morning that I nearly microwaved my breakfast for 60 minutes instead of six. Then burned my tongue on it. Smart.

There's not much to report, really. It's fucking COLD outside, but fairly dry, so this morning wasn't much hard work. I can feel my arms, anyway, which is a sight better than last Friday.

Read a good bit of one of Zora's favorite sites, Chowhound. I'd link to it if it wasn't limited to New York City and its environs, but the restaurant reviews and other articles are really good, even if you're unfamiliar with the geography like I am. One of the articles talks (very) briefly about parasitic worms in sushi, which had never occurred to me. I mean, I know a lot about parasites on FISH, even a good bit on salt-water fish, but I just figured they had some sort of mechanism in place to keep that shit under control. Beef, at least, you cook, so if you eat a hookworm, it's a least a dead hookworm. It seems like a dilemma, but I'll keep eating the stuff. Not much can live in my system, anyway, right?

I was discussing with Rachel last night the wave of breakups we've had recently: me, Ethan, TwinC, Keith, and her sister. This morning I awake to find out Ken and Barbie broke up? What's the fucking world coming to? They aren't even PEOPLE! Why is this getting air time AT ALL?

Rachel's got a good theory: breakups are probably higher January-March than at any other time of the year. This is most likely due to the fact that most people aren't assholes, deep down--who wants the stigma of dumping someone during the holidays? I mean, certain people thrive on it, but we can generally see them coming. So I reckon most people just sort of grit their teeth and bear it until mid January or so, then kick their significant other to the curb. Basically, all the breakups in December are rescheduled for January/February.

February probably also sucks because, well, it's just a shitty month. You probably spend a lot of time indoors, with that person who sets your teeth on edge, and it's just too much.

March, she reckons, is the beginning of spring. I think this is when people start to pair up again ("coupling," let's call it, not necessarily a relationship), and if your boy/girlfriend has survived the holidays and the dark days of February, well, so much the better.

Going to be a long, frustrating day. Cross your fingers-hopefully my next post won't be a long-form rant about the idiocy of corporate American and/or yer average American citizen. Keep 'em crossed-there's hope.


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