Monday, February 09, 2004

I Smell Like a Brewery

God, my head hurts. There's absolutely no point in me being at work today, except to get paid, because I can barely form complete sentences. Getting dumped sucks, and plays to my worst shortcomings. I don't need much of an excuse to drink too much to begin with, and getting a shiv in my ribs from the ONE PERSON I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST is a true reason.

Plus, you have to go out to meet new people, and going out=bars, for me. Ouch. Why do keyboards have to be so damn loud?

My love life is complicated, and getting more so by the hour, it seems. I can't get the Sausage Queen out of my head, nor can I forget about the girl who just got dumped by a fella named Guy. Unfortunately, I'll never see the Sausage Queen again, and I can't remember the other woman's name. And it's a week til Valentine's Day, dammit. How am I ever gonna get laid at this rate?


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