Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Robinson Jeffers Poetry

In case you guys didn't think I was weird enough, I've started reading a big thick anthology of Jeffers' poetry. Don't ask me where I got it, or why. I think it was in the early days of my relationship with Liz, when I was trying to convince myself I was more cultured than I actually am (or care to be).

Anyway, this stuff ROCKS! Thus far, the short poems I'm not really into, because his meter's so weird, but I'm into the first big poem, called "Tamar," and thus far we've had brother/sister incest, then the sister sleeps with another dude who's had a crush on her forever, so she can pretend the baby's his, then she takes her weird ol' aunts down on the beach, dresses them in kelp, and one of them starts talking in the voice of her dead OTHER aunt, the one her father was cheating on her mother with. THEN the girl gets raped by a bunch of indian spirits, after which she has an argument with the aunt, and the aunt causes her to have an abortion right there out on the beach.

Then, somehow the dad finds out that she and her brother have been makin' the beast with two backs, and I suspect he's about to either commit suicide or try and kill the son.

Are you following all this? It's compelling stuff, even though it's a tougher read than yer average VC Andrews rag. I'll keep you posted on the perversions of poor Tamar--who I suspect is about to fall in love with a Mexican laborer. Miscegenation, too! What sort of pervert is this guy? And on the eve of WW1, too!


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