Friday, April 16, 2004

This Is Weird

I'm having trouble reading the Razor installment of Sketchy Bill. Obviously, Wayne's seen it, because he commented, but I have to republish it every time I log on to check things over and link up (I use this site to page through my favorite sites every morning and evening). Very strange. I'm hoping that this post will sort of shove SB 6 through the birth canal, so to speak. Yuck.

Since I'm still a little sick, I'm going to try and stay home and be a good boy this weekend. If this in fact occurs, I'll post another installment. I think there's probably 10 left in this story, and then I'll probably move on to either The Canadian Acid Sale or Never Give E to Strangers on Coke. One's another road trip story, and thus sort of long, and the other's a shorter but extremely intense (and thus more difficult to write) story of how we learned our lesson and quit abusing drugs. Once we get closer to the end of this one, perhaps I'll let y'all vote.


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