Friday, April 16, 2004

Back To Normal/The Exponential Growth Of The Ego

Please let me know if you can read this--I think the situation's in hand with Blogger, but since it was all rather mysterious in the first place, I don't know if/when it will happen again. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

My project for this weekend will be splitting the blog. Hookechoes will be story posts only, because I think the personal shit is getting in the way of the narrative, but I still want to be able to rap at you guys about other stuff. I'll post a link to the new blog, for which I had a great title the other night but have since forgotten--or I might just bite the bullet and change the name of this one, since the new name seemed to fit it better. I don't know. I'll also look back and see if I think any of those old posts are worth keeping--certainly my standard "it's Monday and I'm hungover" posts aren't worth it.

I'm a bit curious about traffic here, as well. I think it's fairly low, judging from the comments, but Josh suspects it's higher, and people don't comment because of the drug content. I don't guess there's a way to tell, unless I want to start paying for this thing...but regardless, if there are going to be people here just for the reading of stories, well, there's got to be a man behind the curtain, right?

UPDATE: The other blog is called Seeing In The Dark, and it's rather a mess, since I just took the stuff I couldn't bear to part with from the earlier days of this one and threw it over there.


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